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An online HTML/CSS/JS playground in 62 & 142 bytes

Inspired by Codepen, JSFiddle, JSbin and dabblet
golfed by xem, p01, subzey, aemkei, rlauck, bburky, mmastrac and justecorruptio

Full (142b): Edit HTML, CSS and JS, the result is updated in real time
<iframe onload='id++<3?outerHTML+=`<textarea oninput="f[${id}]=value;f.srcdoc=f[3]+\`<script>\${f[1]}</script><style>\`+f[2]"rows=9>`:id="f"'>

Mini (62b): Edit the whole page's code at once
<iframe id=f></iframe><textarea oninput=f.srcdoc=value rows=9>

Test / download:

super mini version
(62 bytes)
(142 bytes)
Bigger editor
(external project)


- Other code golfing projects by xem, aemkei and p01

- Live Editor, a fork by err4nt with a great style: link

- miniCodeInception: link

- HTML5 Weekly mentioned this: link

- Many blogs and websites talked about this in Indonesian, Japanese (1, 2), German, Russian, French, English,...

- Many people tweeted and commented this on Hacker News and Reddit (1 / 2)

- JS1k 2014 #4 entry is based on MiniCodeEditor: link

- Amazing talk by @aemkei at Front End Ops Conf 2014 presents this project: video

- We've been #1 on Hacker News in december 2013:

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