The CSS box model

september 2014

A review of widths, heights, paddings, margins, borders and box-sizings in CSS and JS


CSS rules & selectors

september 2014

An introduction to CSS selectors, browser support, specificities and good practices

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JS Code golfing

febuary 2014

An introduction to JS code golfing, with all my favourite links

Security on the Web

september 2013

A talk describing the different attacks and security breaches, sometimes unknown, on the Web

Responsive web design

june 2012

An introduction to RWD, its advantages, drawbacks, traps, and tools that make it easier.

Client-side storage & offline

march 2012

A talk listing all the different ways to store data client-side, in HTML5 and natively, and to access this data offline.

CSS preprocessors

december 2011

A talk explaining the advantages of CSS preprocessors, and comparing the different tools on the market.