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July 2015 - June 2016

I answer to all your questions on Github!

Nice questions:
- How did you get into codegolfing and why?
- What was your best programming moment?

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2011 - WIP

A monthly compilation of funniest / craziest images of the Web. French + English.

Consider it as a sociological experiment that I made to see what makes people laugh over time.

Visit! (I'm currently moving that on Github)


october 2014 - WIP

I'm writing a tutorial and a toolset to help people develop homebrews for Nintendo 3DS.


july 2014 - WIP

I'm the lead programmer of a WiiU indie game developed by a team of four people and published by Goodbye Galaxy Games. It's an old-style fast-paced FPS, to be released later.

The game is developed with Unity3D, and coded in UnityScript (based on JavaScript).

More info

Fruit carving

september 2014

My first attempt at fruit carving, with a tiny watermelon

Karoshi DS


A Nintendo DS homebrew based on the famous Karoshi series. Developed with Jesse Venbrux for a 2010 DS homebrew competition hosted by Nintendomax. It's just a demo. You can play it on an emulator or on real hardware with a NDS flashcard.

It's coded in C using the PAlib homebrew library.

More info


Easy classic flash game


A musical flash game about a ball that has to avoid many traps (beta)

play (swf)

download (exe)



A flash game that I made at university. The goal is to recognize shapes as they pass through a small hole on the screen. (it's in french though)

play (swf)

download (exe)

My university's lipdub


I filmed the 2009 lipdub for my school "Polytech'Nice Sophia", featuring more than 80 actors! It won the french universities' lipdub reward in 2010.

LipDub Polytech'Nice Sophia - I Gotta Feeling from Hugo Dupras on Vimeo.

I also made a little gag reel video:

Mini Betisier du lipdub Polytech Sophia... par xema87