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An online HTML/CSS/JS playground in 64+ bytes

Inspired by Codepen, JSFiddle and dabblet
golfed by xem, p01, subzey, aemkei, rlauck and bburky

Edit HTML, CSS and JS, the result is updated in real time

Source code (156b)

- open
<body oninput='f.srcdoc=t0[v="value"]+`<script>${t2[v]}</script><style>`+t1[v]'onload='for(i=3;i--;)f.outerHTML+=`<textarea id=t${i} rows=9>`'><iframe id=f>

Tweetable version (131 chars)

- More info - open

Super mini version (64b)

- open
<textarea oninput=f.srcdoc=value rows=9></textarea><iframe id=f>


super mini version
(64 bytes)
(156 bytes)
complete editor

Making-of: (enable subtitles!)


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